Perfect hard boiled eggs

Unless they aren’t. I have a specific method for making hard boiled eggs. Actually they are steamed. And when, after 15 minutes, they are done they are put in a bowl with ice water for 15 minutes. After that I drain most of the water, slap a lid on the bowl and shake them wildly.

I had the routine down perfectly when I had my old stove but now, with an induction stovetop with which I am unfamiliar it is more of a problem. I cannot see flames so am unsure of exactly how hot I have the pan. Apparently I left it on medium instead of, well, I dunno, medium high. Imagine my displeasure when I opened up the bowl after a rousing shake session with what I thought would be hard boiled eggs and got a glimpse of this!

I redid them (Jesus, I can hardly bear to think about this waste) and while they were perfectly boiled this time, one did not peal. At all. This is super infuriating to me any time it happens. But picking off little bits of egg shell while simultaneously destroying the egg when I was already furious about the hardly boiled eggs I’d just tossed nearly drove me over the edge.

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