I ran out of peppercorns. Seriously? How did this happen?! I cannot cook without it. And while I do love The Spice House and for some things, like their chili powder, there is no other place, I have learned from certain Indians I know that Indian stores are much cheaper for certain items. I mean, I’m probably not going to buy filet mignon there, but peppercorns and sev, yes.

Four ounces of peppercorns at the Indian store is $3.99 and 2.3 oz at The Spice House is $6.49 although you can save 20 cents by getting the flat pack, so that’s good.

The Indian Store, which does not have a website—surprising since the Indians are the ones making the websites for the rest of the world— is located just south of Mayfair in the back of some obscure office building. You can see the Yelp reviews here.

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  1. And the word on the street is that the Spice House buys its spices in bulk from it is not a different product.

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