Pepper steak

My mother made this exquisite Chinese dish from time to time. Honestly I don’t think we ever had much in the way of steak and while I think she was more than adventuresome when it came to cooking (and cooking within a budget) she didn’t make Chinese food. We did have curry, steamed artichokes, shish kabobs, bunsteads. OK, bunsteads were not adventurous. They were revolting. But you get my point. Chinese food was not a common thing for her aside from chop suey—which was just stew with celery and a can of “oriental” vegetables dumped in it. And then there was this pepper steak that I loved. She made it once when my cousin came to dinner with her husband. As I recall they, my cousin and her husband, somehow managed to get into a fight about it.

I was eating alone when I made this so the risk of getting into a fight while not out of the question, was minimal. And it was delicious.

Pepper steak recipe here. Bunstead recipe here.

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