Pecan pumpkin pie

I’m not
sure what possessed me to think there was such a thing. I don’t think I’ve ever
heard of anyone making this but when I asked the google for a recipe, (click here if you need to see it) Nestle’s, I
think, came up lickety split. Normally I wouldn’t use a recipe from a
manufacturer but the recipe seemed pretty straightforward, I had all the ingredients and so I went with it. Purchased pie crust and all. Pumpkin on the bottom, pecan on the top. 

The problem with it is that it is neither one thing nor the other, and cutting through the sea of pecans makes for a sloppy wedge of pie. I served it with “lots of whipped cream” as my mother requested. Neither my mother or Judy complained. It was good, but I wasn’t sure if I was eating pecan or pumpkin pie.

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