Peanut butter chocolate tart

As desserts go, this should have been easy. It’s a recipe from Smitten Kitchen, a blog I enjoy reading. You can find her original recipe here. (and you should look at it since hers seems to be a miracle of ease and loveliness. It’s supposed to taste like the Girl Scout peanut butter cookies. It didn’t really but that was probably my fault. I followed the recipe exactly except that I did not use Skippy, I used Smucker’s Organic. (And now I have peanut butter in the house which is dangerous for me.) I dunno. I could not get the peanut butter layer to stick to the crust. It just pulled up the first layer of crumbs no matter what I did. And once I finally had the thing assembled, it just fell apart when I cut the portions. The crust just crumbled. 

On the whole, it tasted fine but I would never make it again because it looked bad so I would not gamble on it. I have a much better recipe we call Butt Bars that are easier to make and taste like Peanut Butter Cups. 

One other thing, if you plan on making it, I used Ghiradelli 70% chocolate which was way too high toned . . . I should have used Nestle’s chocolate chips or even that crappy Ambrosia “dark confectionary coating.”

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