Pasta Bolognese, again

After nearly 3 weeks in Europe (3 of those days in Bologna) and more meals than one normally thinks of as healthy, I never really got that transcendent bolognese pasta meal I was searching for. Sure I had some OK pasta bolognese and the very good grilled cheese and ham sandwich with bolognese sauce poured on it but the benchmark bolognese sauce in my mind is my own. And yes, it’s a Cook’s Illustrated recipe (which follows, sorta, you can click on it to see it larger and be able to read it but perhaps not understand it) but it’s a great recipe and I don’t know if I can like any other. Well, not as much anyway.

The secret is ground boloney (actually mortadella but, well, same dif), pancetta and chicken livers. It is flavored with sage rather than oregano and has celery, carrots and onions. Onions, I suppose are normal Italian ingredients. Carrots and celery not so much. There are no tomatoes, only tomato paste. Two cups of stock and 2 cups of red wine. But the real secret, as I’ve mentioned before is gelatin. Eight tsp.

It was transcendent.

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