So, the asparagus harvest

While not exactly fulsome and I’m not going to feed an army or even another person for that matter, still, it’s enough for me to feel like I’ve accomplished something.

And the squirrels didn’t eat it.

Lasagna primavera

Apparently you can put anything into cheese between noodles and call it primavera despite the fact that primavera means spring, this recipe called for artichokes and roasted tomatoes. These are not spring vegetables. Well sure, there was also asparagus and peas in it so I guess that qualified it as springlike.

I had a container of ricotta, frozen peas (the asparagus in my garden seems to be unaware that it is spring. It’s there but not yet big enough to eat and even if I wanted to, there just isn’t enough of it for anything, well, possibly as one ingredient in lasagna primavera accompanied by a host of other things.)

The recipe, which I did not really follow, shocker there, suggested making it the day before to let the flavors fester, or something like that I did do that though. I like to be done the day before since it leaves me time to do other things like make some miserable rhubarb upside down cake, for instance, on the day of.

The red circles are not pepperoni, they are roasted tomatoes. To be clear. It was pretty good, not gonna lie, not my finest outing but no one was poisoned.


So I can grow rhubarb. I mean anyone can grow rhubarb and it’s a nice looking plant. Whether or not it’s a nice tasting plant is another matter. I don’t mind it. I have a terrible sensitivity to it when it’s raw but cooked it’s fine. I learned from that English gardener guy whose name escapes me (much in the way that everything seems to escape me these days) that putting the plant under a cover to keep it dark until you’re ready to use it will make it sweeter and more tender. I dunno. It still tastes like rhubarb to me.

Someone kindly sent me a recipe for a rhubarb tart tatin from Saveur Magazine. Imma let you guess which one is mine.

This is a miracle!!!!!!

I saw a hack like this on the instagram (in the middle of the night while i was wide awake and was going down the shuffle dance reel rabbit hole) and thought I’d try it. I hard boiled (steamed actually) some eggs and when they were cooled I put ’em in a large-ish bowl that had a tight lid with a quarter cup of water and shook them for 15 seconds. You could actually hear when the shells were off. It was amazing. And the 2 that were not completely deshelled just slid out of the bit of shell that was on them.

And just FYI, I steam my eggs for 12 minutes exactly and then immediately plunge them in ice water for 15 minutes. This method has never failed me.

And if you want your yolks to be in the center turn your egg carton upside down for a while before you steam them. I turn them onto all 4 sides for a little while if I’m planning on deviled eggs. Which I will plan on a lot more now that I am relieved of the misery of shelling them.

Roasted tomatoes

I was making a “springtime” lasagna and the recipe called for roasted tomatoes. The recipe called for a drizzle of olive oil and some chopped garlic. Naturally because of my need to complicate any and everything I do, I made a garlic herb (from my garden) olive oil drizzle. The tomatoes were pretty crappy, it’s winter of course they’re crappy and really tomatoes are not a “springtime” vegetable but fine. I scored the tomatoes and drizzled the extremely delicious smelling oil and then roasted them at 275 for 3 hours. They smelled great but they ended essentially being mush. But that’s fine for lasagna. More on that later.

Apparently it is risotto

Although he mercilessly mocked my Instant Pot risotto effort, I received this pic from the Royal Indian mounted Police yesterday. He admitted that it was good. You have no idea how hard it is for him to admit he was wrong.

Risotto, I think

First of all it’s Instant Pot risotto. So, if you’re a snob like some people I could mention looking down his nose perched on the saddle on a horse, you may not want to try it. When I told him I’d made risotto and that I’d used an Instant Pot, he shrieked “THAT’S NOT RISOTTO!!!”

But if you have an Instant Pot and want some pretty damn good risotto-like dish this one is sure fire. And not only was it delicious it was amazingly fast and easy. Sauté your mushrooms and onions in the pot, add your stock and rice and pressure cook it for 6 minutes. Add the peas, butter and cheese. That’s it. It was awesome. Of course, I had this hideously expensive carnarolli rice that I’ve had for a decade and had never been opened (rice improves with age) and my stock was good enough to eat by itself. Those things do make a difference.

Of course if you had an envelope of turkey gravy you could probably use that. Just don’t tell certain royal mounted police, if you know what’s good for you.

Recipe link here

Thai thighs

After my coconut pineapple cake triumph, or possibly fiasco, I had a lot of leftover coconut milk, pineapple and pineapple juice and in an attempt to make the best use of all of it (without the torture of making another coconut cake) I decided on Thai. Seemed like a good idea. I’m not all that familiar with Thai food but peanuts, pineapple and coconut feels Thai-ish. At least it’s heading more in that direction than, say, Irish.

Unfortunately I only managed to get a picture of the salad, which is just as well since it was the most photogenic item on the menu. But the Thai marinated chicken thighs roasted on sweet potatoes were fabulous and the coconut pineapple rice, the idea of which several people of the royal mounted variety turned their nose up, was absolutely outstanding.

I was anticipating having leftover salad. This was a citrusy, bell pepper, carrot, radish and lettuce Thai salad (I have no idea if Thais actually eat salad) topped with peanuts and dressed with a sweet and sour lime, brown sugar and peanut butter (seriously) dressing that was AMAZING. There were no leftovers unfortunately.

Recipe links below.

Thai chicken thighs link here

I actually followed this pretty closely but I roasted them on cubed sweet potatoes so the sweet potatoes were bathed in the lusciousness of the chicken.


Thai salad dressing link here

I only used the dressing recipe and was pretty fast and loose with it all. Not really measuring. It was helpful to have my 9 year old grandnephew here beforehand. He julienned the vegetables for me and did quite a good job. He was very interested in my knives.


Thai rice with pineapple and coconut. You’re on your own here. I didn’t use a recipe, just leftovers.