Hellish cake

I’m not sure why but I am fascinated by a cookbook from a restaurant called Milk. I love how the author thinks and I am awed by her inventiveness. For the second time I attempted to make her chocolate malt cake. I’m not so interested in eating it. I want to understand her procedures. Under the best of circumstances I am not tidy. With this, which requires endless bowls, I was less so. I’m told it was good.

Molding produce

I bought blackberries yesterday. When I got them home i discovered that they were moldy. What do you do about that? I wasn’t gonna run back for a couple of dollars. Now I won’t buy them again.

You couldn’t see the mold. Metro Market is dark. The mold was between layers. Dammit.

Omaha Steaks

I don’t know why but my mother buys products from Omaha Steaks. Not just steaks, in fact, it’s mostly chicken, pork and dessert things. All of this is housed in a nearly full freezer in her basement. I took a box of steaks without her knowledge last Sunday. As far as I know she has never made a steak in her life, unless you count the round steak she pan fried when we were kids and pretended we were having real steak which tasted like liver to me. Unless it actually was liver and she told us it was steak which is not out of the question. So last night I decided to use some Omaha Steaks.

The steaks are square. I cannot say why they do this, it is not delicious looking. But I was going to make my mother’s pepper steak and shape didn’t mean much since it is sliced. Peppers onions and soy sauce. I have some brown jasmine rice I love. I don’t know if the steak is somehow super hydrated but the second it got in the hot skillet, it was mess of water and steak. I seared, well, boiled, the steak first, then sauteed the vegetables and then brought it all together. It tasted like liver.

Dinner on Thursday

I decided to make turkey chili one of my go-to, easy, good, diet meals. I use eggplant to create the right mouth feel when I’m making something with ground turkey, a trick I learned on Top Chef. It works well. The eggplant more or less melts into the meat and creates a not-unpleasant, slimy-that-translates-as-greasy feeling. But I also bought some chorizo to put in it which totally ruins the point of the low fat turkey. It also added nothing to the chili. Couldn’t taste it at all. It also negates the need for the eggplant since it was plenty greasy.

I decided on chili because I wanted to try out the hot sauce my sister brought me from Puerto Rico (a place I don’t think of as a destination for spicy food) but I forgot to use it. I did use the tomato sauce I made last summer. Excellentemente. But I didn’t have my go-to chili powder from the Spice House which is the world’s best because I sent it to Ashish in Belgium. Instead I used some really crappy Caputo chili powder, a bag of which I bought at Metro Market rather than try to park near the Spice House. The chili powder was flavorless. I added a lot of cumin. It was edible. Or, in any event, I ate it.