Early harvest crops

I was super excited to see I had some radishes ready to pluck out of God’s green earth. The crops dribble in piece meal and I get pretty excited when I see something that A. Is ripe enough to eat. B. Is something I’ve wildly anticipated (for instance I will be happy when the green beans are big enough to eat but not as excited as I will be when tomatoes are ripe) C. The squirrels haven’t eaten.

These were wildly anticipated. I got these black radish seeds and planted them because I bought and pickled them last fall and loved them. So I was delighted when I found 2 big enough to eat. Until I ate one, that is.

OH MY GOD this was the hottest thing I have ever eaten in my life. I ate one and it was seriously hot until it was hotter and then hottest. I swallowed it but I should not have. It was like swallowing a bomb. The top of my head sizzled, itched and sweated, my eyes teared up and my mouth and throat were like a ground fire. And it was all nothing compared to the fuss my stomach made. Eventually calmed with a cup of Pesto-Bismal.

I’m tempted to pickle them and see if that helps otherwise, I am feeding them to the squirrels. I hope they’ve been anticipating them as much as the peaches.


Oeufs mayonnaise, to be specific about it, for my French dinner I made this French favorite. It’s one of mine too, and I made the mayonnaise. (insert tooth sucking noise). C’était délicieux.

Those are not peas, by the way, they are capers. (and dill, for the dillicious aspect of it all).

I hate myself for saying that.

Making bread in a heatwave

My French class, as it were, came over pour un petit repas recently. And really, what is a French meal without bread? Unfortunately it was about 940 degrees out and turning the oven on seemed like a bad idea. I went with the grill option.

Worked like a charm.

Slab pies, I guess I’m on that bandwagon too

It just made sense. It was easier to cut, easier to eat. Tomato cheese pie . . . slab pie. Crust, mayo-mustard layer, cheese layer, tomatoes, bake. (I also added artichoke hearts). Finished with fresh basil.

It was good. Now, I’ll have to work on my bowl, tray bake and sheet pan dinner game. I can do a fad as much as the next guy.

Korean market chicken sandwiches

First I made the buns, then I made salads, an assortment of condiments to eat with the chicken, and then I deep fried the chicken, again.

The secret of the crispy crunchy chicken is double frying. Fried once and then again to get it extra crunchy. Is it delicious? Yes! Is it a lot of tedious and dangerous work? Yes. Is it worth it? I am not sure. Am I gonna do it again? Probably. Not only do I have a lot of roasted soy bean powder, but it is just so good.

Roasted soy bean powder

Last year I’d planned to make Korean Market Chicken which is deep fried and requires roasted soy bean powder. After a fairly lengthy search of 3 Asian stores I was not able to find it. Or even find anyone who knew what I was talking about. I am not even sure if they understood what I was saying and I certainly did not know what it was. I ended up making it but without the soy bean powder.

Later, after reading this blog, a friend in San Francisco sent me a pack. I can see why I didn’t find it in the store if, indeed, it was actually in the store.

Slab pies . . . whatever

Seems a lot like “bowls,” “sheet pan dinners,” and “tray bakes.” Like, oh, here’s a fad, let’s hop on it real quick! Taco bowls. Zucchini grape bowls. Marshmallow tuna bowls. It’s what? In a bowl? Is it a salad? Why is this a slab pie? It’s a pie. A slab? It is a huge pie though, I’ll give it that. Wisconsin strawberries, my service berries and then filled out with extra fruit I had on hand to make the requisite 3 pounds according to the recipe. (which is here)

It was fine. The polka dots were cute. I put ice cream on it. That saves anything. Well, not anchovies.

Second bun go ’round

A different recipe, completely different method, addition of butter and milk. I thought it seemed like this would produce a better bun, and I bought a silicone bun tray (don’t bother doing this), and followed the recipe exactly. They were better than my first try but, meh, not what I was looking for. I could stop with this, after all, plain old hamburger buns are fine and brioche buns are delicious if just the wrong texture.

I dunno. I have one other recipe up my sleeve. After that . . . store bought and giving the silicone bun thing to Good Will.

Calling all raptors

I have not seen a chipmunk in my yard in 4 years of living here and then, this morning . . .

Just what I need, another mouth to feed.

My friend Judy would be rushing out there with a tiny WELCOME flag and a bowl of peanuts and crackerjack.