Add’l keto news

You can buy “keto” bread. Some very low carbohydrate “bread” that functions more as a means to an end. It’s not very good but you can put pickles and sunflower seed butter on it and it’ll do. Buttered toast is a different story. I gagged it down but I won’t do that again.

So keto

A few of my friends and family members have been on keto diets with great results, not just losing weight but lowering blood pressure, lower inflammation levels, clearer skin, etc, etc. So I decided to try it, not that I feel I needed to lose weight but for the other health benefits. The idea is to not eat anything with carbohydrates, this includes fruit and a lot of vegetables. More important, nothing with grains. Bread, pasta, rice, potatoes . . . nope, nope, nope, nope. And in fact, the idea is to replace the carbohydrates with fat. Bacon fat, butter, olive oil. This seems counterintuitive but, you know, I didn’t invent this, it is what it is. Non-believers can take a stroll through the internet, the provider of all things true, and find out for themselves.

This was the first meal I made. Shredded chicken, 3 cups of shredded cheese mixed together with an egg. Fried in butter. They are kinda like heavy duty pancakes and were quite good. Like I’d serve that to guests. I ate it with salsa and yogurt. The picture isn’t exactly appetizing but it was good.

And so it begins

Peppers are notoriously hard to get to germinate and then grow. The return is often not worth effort and once, in my past life, I got a flat of them to sprout and set them in the sun, some bird clipped off every single sprout. Didn’t eat them, just bit them all off.

And yet . . . here we are. Apparently I never learn. Although I did learn a fair amount of German, I’m not sure that helps in the garden.

One has sprouted. I am not setting it (them) in the sun.

Simple but special

My go-to. Potatoes roasted under herbed chicken made for a big family meal (although some of the family was missing and missed). But it was our first with all my sisters since Husoor arrived back from his 11 year hiatus. I made bread, there was a huge salad, and a fabulous fruit tart (made by one of the sisters). The whole deal was very Norman Rockwellian although possibly more alcoholic than Norman might have envisaged.

Ashish stood, in the middle of the meal, raised his glass and said, “This is what I came back for.”

It was very touching. I mean, I know the chicken is good but I didn’t realize it was THAT good.

He gotta do what he gotta do

He called me while he was in transit to tell me to make rice. I didn’t question. I made the rice. He barely had his coat off before he was scrounging for ingredients, hauling out the wok and just like that—lunch. And just in time too. He is not a fun person when he is hungry. Not that he’s all that much fun anyway.

I’m not sure what this was. Something Indian, I guess. Possibly Thai or Chinese. It’s all the same to me.

Indian-inspired breakfast

If it says that, Indian-inspired, right away you know three things for sure. 1. It’s not Indian. 2. No Indian would make or eat this. 3. It’s gonna be spicy.

Curried microwave scrambled eggs with lime pickle

Eric Kim an Asian NYT chef that I can tolerate watching showed me how to make scrambled eggs the best way—in the microwave. You can see it here. I riffed on it.

It’s unbelievably easy. Whisk together two eggs and a cup of broth, I think water would work. I added curry powder, salt, pepper and microwaved it in a bowl for 2 minutes. And then ate it with a tsp of Indian lime pickle. That shit hot but boy is it a flavor smack in the face. It’ll put hair on your chest it’s that good. Unfortunately it will not put it in my head or I’d eat an entire jar.

This was delicious but I did not think to put yogurt on it which would have put it over the top good. No Indian would forget that.

I’m wondering if Wendi would eat this

It’s a chicken melt. A grilled chicken salad sandwich. My friend Wendi completely objects to tuna melts. So I am wondering if there’s cross over.

On another note Husoor objects to tunafish. The word tunafish. He thinks it’s redundant. Chickenbird salad. Tunafish salad. Whatev.

The sandwich was OK but nothing to write home about. Although obviously enough to write a blog about.

It was completely keto. Or at least keto-adjacent. The bread, marketed as keto isn’t “clean keto” I am told by the keto police who are different from the mounted royal variety.


Is a Korean restaurant we recently visited in our quest for dumplings.

The dining experience was not exactly great. The staff seemed like a bunch of people who wandered off the street and didn’t quite know each other or what was going on. The waitress, who was very sweet and cute, had never opened a bottle of wine before. She asked us 3 different times if we really wanted the whole bottle. As if.

But the dumplings were very good. Maybe not Peking Ente good but gut genug, as we say in Germany. The rest of the meal was fine. Well, except for the fish cake and seaweed.

I made the very serious mistake of tasting the seaweed that garnished his bibimbap (or whatever it was). Expecting it to taste like fried kale, it tasted exactly like I imagine Satan would.

I nearly passed out. I spit it out onto my plate in as polite a manner as I could muster considering I was gagging and making small yelps of displeasure (but in a very manly way). Good Lord.

Champagne chicken

Someone left a half bottle of champagne here. While I am not a such fan of drinking champagne, I love to cook with it. I don’t really think it tastes so very different from white wine but I’m, you know, super elegant so it fits with my persona better.

This is the easiest meal I make, aside from my morning Cap’n Crunch and milk. Bnls sknls chicken breast dredged in flour, sautéed in butter, a couple TBS of shallots (onions work but shallots are fancier) and a TB or two of dijon mustard. Deglaze with champagne and add some capers. I serve it with rice because, again, fancier than potatoes.