Oysters and grouper and bass, oh my

I may have mentioned Carol’s incessant fish eating before. We had many lovely meals and I enjoyed them all but the whole experience usually started with “I know you don’t like fish but…” The oysters were OK. But like many things, they are a mere delivery system for cocktail sauce. An interesting one with a decidedly different consistency. I did not, as Carol did, pick up and slurp out the oyster urine. You can tell me what you like about that juice, if I were an oyster and someone was opening my shell with a sharp knife I’d pee myself too.

The grouper, and I had it more than once, was awesome. Though the delivery system for tartar sauce rule applies here too. And fried anything is good for me.

The sea bass I had that last night was unadorned, no deep-fried batter, cocktail or tartar sauce and it was excellent. So I actually did eat some real-like-an-adult fish. And liked it.

The next day though, after the boat trip with crabs and shrimp (think delivery systems), at the airport once I was through security, it was impossible to get any food or, as it turned out, into the bar. So I consoled myself with a trip to Burger King. It has been over 10 years since I have eaten there. The Whopper rules. Too bad about their fries though. From the sublime to the ridiculous.

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