On another topic…Words

I play Words with Friends which for those of you who don’t know, is an online Scrabble game. I play mostly with my mother who generally has 35 games, the maximum you can be playing, going. I play, too, with other people but sometimes I play against the app itself.

These are some of the words the damn thing makes…zoeae, zek, faqirs saprobe, eolian, blawn, ephori, redfin, oxlip, adjigo, fanga, zanders, bezants, phenix, algid, messan, keeves, naevus. Fourteen of these are flagged by MicroSoft Word as not real words. The others, well they may be real words but they are certainly not in my general use vocab. Although messan was recently in a Word of the Day post. It means a lapdog.

But when I try a few questionable (last row) words, of course, those are unacceptable.

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