Oh, I got issues alright

So I had a shit ton of that tangerine custard stuff and really didn’t want to go through the misery of making tart shells and clever guy that I am I decided to use mini cupcake paper things and put the cookie dough in the bottom. Super cool idea, super bad outcome. Turns out that cookies float. And i thought the tart shells were a hoopla.

Just, you know, FYI, I could have made a pie, like a key lime pie. Just one pie, with just one crust but no.

Once the little upside tangerine tartlets were baked I thought they might just pop out but, again, I was wrong. I had 2 options here. Throw everything off the counter and scream really loudly while slapping myself, or make bread pudding. I did both.

Not really. Bread pudding is always an option. Although it wasn’t bread, it was cookies. I put all the stupid tartlet things into a pan, covered it with cookies and filled it with the custard. At this point I didn’t give fuck what happened.

It was actually very good. Not that I will ever make it again.

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