Oh, and, Pepperidge Farm Baked Natural, etc.

Last night when I was sufficiently hungry I tried these again and it occurred to me to look at the ingredient list. To see, you know, all the naturalness. As well as the soy sauce content since they taste like crunchy soy sauce.

Uh, yeah, not all that “natural.” The multi-grain part is pretty far down on the list and there’s no soy sauce, although there is soy lecithin which I am imagining is not what I taste that tastes like soy sauce. I enjoy the “contains 2% OR LESS cheese powder,” so there may be none at all. For that matter they could put contains 100% or less M&Ms because there is certainly less than 100% of M&Ms in them.

The soy sauce is a mystery but they still taste filthy. I made grilled chicken for dinner, details tomorrow.

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