Off to Athens

For a little fun weekend getaway we came to Athens. It’s a 2 hour flight from Berlin and he’s been dreaming of the Acropolis since he was 4 or something. We were not expecting to get food on the flight so I bought an “egg sandwich” in the airport and tucked that into my carryon but as it turns out they were serving “Pizza with or without cheese” on the flight.

I got the one with cheese. Let’s just say that this pizza was a very, very loose idea of that concept. The Germans seem to love “whole grain” bread and so this was whole grain pizza crust in the same sense that saw dust is whole grain. I tore the crust part off and ate the vaguely cheesy, olive-y part which just wasn’t enough to hold me until dinner so I ate took out the egg sandwich and then that bread turned out to be made with the same sawdust. I picked off the egg part (they were slices of hard boiled eggs) and ate that. None of it was not what I’d call richly satisfying.

The KitKat was good.

And now Athens.

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