Not-so-photogenic best foods so far

The napkin dumplings were not exactly Vogue-cover pretty and neither were these 2 exquisite top-10-meals-in-my-life. Cheese stuffed gnocchi, and mushroom risotto. Both of which were right straight out of this world. Of course, I had to pick the truffles off the gnocchi…cannot stand truffles (they were not listed on the menu, I looked). Fortunately the Royal Mounted Police fed them to his horse or something—they did not go to waste is all I care about. And I don’t mind a hint of it but not huge slices of it all over hell and back. The risotto however was just plain eyes-rolled-back-in-my-head delicious. I took one bite and said “We’re coming back here.” I’d love to know how they got it to taste like this. We’ve booked a table for Monday.

And while the truffles did not go to waste, certain things are going to waist. Starting to feel like this painting I saw in the Gemäldegallerie.

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