No one would have noticed

But I did. It was Easter and we were making dinner for a horde or two. I made a chicken pot pie and stupidly decided to make the top lid a lattice. But, you know, it’s Easter and you gotta make it special for the Bunny.

Doing that lattice work is time consuming, particularly on such a huge casserole, and confusing when you’re getting to the end and you have to fake it with little pieces of the dough tucked hither and tither. Particularly when you’re doing 50 other things at the same time.

So I fuss budgeted the thing into the oven with little hand-picked sage leaves placed dramatically on top and when I took it out of the oven I was horrified to discover I’d made a lattice error. What was supposed to go over went under. I was so ashamed. I couldn’t bear to bring it to the table. Just kidding. No one would ever have noticed. But I photoshopped it into perfection. The way the Easter Bunny would have wanted me to.

10 Replies to “No one would have noticed”

  1. Those sage leaves were inspired. And now we know one doesn’t have to make chicken pot pie one pie at a time. I’m sure all the bunnies were happy. Lucky bunnies.

  2. Damien and I laughed about that lattice attempt all the way home. My deepest regret, not taking some home with me. My smartest decision, taking the left over salad. So yummy the next day. Thanks for that great easter dinner. Oh, I told Damien about how we used always have ham and scalloped potatoes on easter, and he said, why can’t we just do that?

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