I’m guessing it is pronounced something like “yam” although I am not super sure because my Thai is a little rusty. I had lunch there at Ngam on the lower east side last Friday in Manhattan with my college friend Gail (though she looks waaaay younger). If you blinked you’d have missed it, the place was the size of a closet, the food was absolutely fabulous, to use a phrase. We shared sweet potato fries and that, in and of itself, could have been lunch. But I had the Pad See Ewe and she had the…I’m not sure what…but it was not, in checking the menu on line, “Hung Lay,” (Farm-raised pork belly and pork shoulder, Hung Lay powder, pickled garlic, ginger, peanut—as seen on Iron Chef).” Whatever it was she was eating smelled good, like I imagine a hung lay might, but I didn’t try it at the time. The Pad See Ewe was delicious and more than enough for me, the noodles were really amazing. And while Gail’s dish smelled amazing, it’s the hung lay that seems to stick in my head, I’m not sure why.

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