New Yorker beans

I read a compelling story in the New Yorker about a guy who finds special beans, grows them and sells them. (He’s also gay and funny so there’s that as well). Marcella Hazan, the famous Italian cookbook writer, was (she is no longer with us) a client of his and I thought what the hell, if she thinks he’s got something goin’ on, he must, because she was very particular about her ingredients, not to mention her methods and she had many opinions…like some people I could mention. (You know who you are) When you read her cookbooks it feels like she’s yelling at you. But no matter. I ordered some beans.

First thing back in the good ol’ USofA after a month in the culinary wasteland that is called Germany (Oh calm down, it’s just a joke). I HAD to make chili. Of course. 

Conveniently these beans had arrived by the time I returned and providence being what it is, everything just came together. Beans, chili-craving, America.

Although, usually it takes (me, anyway)  about 369 hours to soften dried beans. These took about 30 minutes at a gentle simmer. And I dunno, I may be crazy but these were really, really good. 

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