Necessary evils

I don’t know how my mother (and all my forebears) did this. The freaking shit is ripe at the hottest time of the year and you have to can when it’s ready. Especially if you planned on eating later in the year. OK, it turns out that I can go to the store and get other food so I’m not actually all that dependent on preserved foods but I am not so many generations removed from people who really did rely, at least in some part, on the food they could put by.

It was 90 out when I was making tomato sauce. I have airconditioning and it was still hot. My mother did not. I don’t even recall that she had a fan. And she didn’t just can tomatoes there were also 2 kinds of pickles and beans. We scavenged choke cherries and wild raspberries and she made jelly. The kitchen was a steaming hell. She never complained. (This is one aspect in which I do not take after her.)

I really hate using a food mill. My mom must not have liked it either because she used to have me do this. Raspberries have a lot of seeds.

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