National Pickle Month is over

I wish I had more than 2 or 3 cucumbers because I’d be pickling up a storm. Of course I could make rice bran pickles but, no I’m against that.

The month is now over and really August seems like it should be National Pickle Month when produce is in full swing and you need to be pickling and canning. But maybe in more southern areas they’re pickling in July. In any event, I can celebrate National Pickle Day which is in November or National Pickle Week which is in May. You’d think they’d coordinate this better but then the people who decide on these “National Days, Weeks, Months” for things like pickles, band-aids and toothpicks a probably not the most organized. Possibly not legitimately sane, in fact.

Also, Pickle was my grade school nickname…Dillon…Dill… Pickle.–National-Pickle-Week-May-15-24.html

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