Naming honors

While I think that Marcella Hazan may probably not have minded that a bean was named after her, and maybe even have liked it, I think I’d rather have, for instance, ice cream or lasagna named after me. And I am sure that Rancho Gordo guy, I forget his name, thinks this is an outstanding honor. Of course, beans are his life so there’s that. And, if memory serves, he cleared this with her family, so at least we know he’s polite.

I bought these based on his glowing description of this heirloom bean he found somewhere in Outer Frazzmania or some damn place. (Imagine travelling around tasting random beans!) They are good, I’ll give him that, but still if someone wants to name something posthumously after me, lets go with a cocktail, as it were, or even a sandwich. Not a bean, or, god forbid, an anchovy.

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