Nach Frankfurt

So I am leaving on vacation. To Frankfurt. I arrived at O’Hare hideously early. I like being early but not so early the airline counter isn’t open. I’m biding my time with a mid-afternoon vacation Glas Rotwein. One of the many peculiarities of German is that nouns are capitalized and the “of” is understood (at least in this instance, I don’t know enough of it to really understand the role and use of prepositions in German but I goddam know how to say a glass of red wine).

As I am signed up for German lessons I will be commenting on the fun quirks, foibles and paradoxes of German. I can’t wait.

The Chinese guy sitting across from me ate a ham sandwich but instead of bread he used peanut butter cookies. I assume he was Chinese because when the announced the flight to Beijing he got up and left. I think I could go for one of those.

The plane boards in 30 minutes.

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