My sister the beekeeper

My sister and her husband keep bees in their yard in Madison. They have 2 hives and loads of honey. It turns out having bees is not just a matter of having hives. Unlike the 30 or 40 hornet and wasps nests on and around my cottage that seem to thrive without any additional help, bees need quite a lot of administration. Of course the hornets aren’t exactly producing much except venom that I can see. And I happen to have been the recipient of several doses of the stuff this summer. Bees are another matter. I have always entertained the notion of having a hive or two but the business of bee hivery is remarkably complicated and I have enough crap going on.

In the meantime I will be the happy recipient of her honey.

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  1. That looks utterly delicious! Kudos to your sister and her husband! I wish them and their charges the best of luck and health. Have the heard of honeyflow?

    A farmer's market sets up outside my office at Columbia every Thursday (at which I get my apples and peaches) and that includes one or two honey vendors. I'll be buying from them the next time we need honey (and I have recipes that call for it).

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