My olive crop

My olives have been curing since October. There’s not more than a cup and a half of them. They’ll never be more than a little bowl for an appetizer or a cute decorative addition to a plate of cheese. But hell, I grew these, IN WISCONSIN, and imma eat ’em.

First they did time in plain water, then there was a soak for several month in vinegar and salt. Then I added rosemary, bay leaves and peppercorns. It’s been 4+ months. I know it takes 5 to 7 months before they’re ready but I figure that they should be pretty olive-y tasting by now. 

Yeah, I’m thinking these are going to be more on the 7 month end of things. I tasted one and it was filthy. I spit it into the sink. How did anyone ever think these might be ok to eat? Who waited around for 7 months? 

“Oh, let’s just soak these for 7 months and see if they taste better…”

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