My mother’s meat loaf

Everyone thinks their mother’s meat loaf is the best (Unless they think it is the worst) but my mother’s is the best. Hands down. It is not only uber-delicious, it is perfect for Christmas morning breakfast.

I made it for Christmas eve with my mother and my friend Karen. And then had it again, alone on Christmas morn. I could eat it every night and morning of the week.

Recipe follows

My mother’s meat loaf recipe

1.5 pounds ground beef

1/2 sleeve soda crackers, crushed

1 cup milk

1/4 cup chopped onion

2 eggs or 1 extra large (lightly whisked)

1 tsp sage

2 tsp dry mustard

2 TB horseradish (the secret ingredient)

Salt and pepper


3 slices bacon cut in half

1/2 green pepper sliced

Mix the milk and crackers together to form a sloppy paste.

Add onions, horseradish, sage, mustard, egg and salt and pepper.

Combine with meat. You have to use your hands. I absolutely hate that.

I suppose I could use the paddle of a stand mixer.

Put it into a loaf pan and cover with ketchup and then

top with bacon and green pepper slices squeezed in between the bacon.

Bake at 350 for an hour or so.

My mother doesn’t eat the peppers and bacon.

In her mind they are just there for flavor.

Me, I do, but separately.

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