My body is either a temple or a convenience store

As I carom wildly between fad diets, food crazes, fun “Insta” snack ideas, periodic forays into healthy eating, and freaking delicious no-holds-barred festive feasts, I’m totally aware of the irony. I don’t need to lose weight. It’s sort of like I’m experimenting on myself. A kind of curiosity. One minute I’m whole and pure and saintly, feeling sleek and shopping online for a new, smaller belt and the next minute I’m making “strawberry tiramisu” that calls for strawberry Jello, vanilla Jello pudding and a bag of Golden Oreo cookies, crushed.

For various reasons I did not get to have any of this but when I asked my sister how it was she said, “Oh, um, yes . . . I think there’s someone at the door.” So I guess it wasn’t up to my usual standards. What was I thinking?!? Even as I was looking for strawberry Jello in the store I was thinking, “What are you thinking?!?”

I got the recipe here from “Lord Byron’s Kitchen.” Prolly not gonna make any of his other concoctions.

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  1. This made me laugh out loud. I was surprised there wasn’t a clarification about the pudding between instant and the one you have to cook. Either way the strawberry crumbs sound unnecessary and unpleasant.

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