I didn’t/don’t have a lot in my house since I am in transit. I think.

I have oatmeal so I made mush, as my childhood hero Shirley Temple called it derisively. In an attempt to take it something it out of that particular realm I added some stuff to it. Black currant jam, almond butter, honey and butter. The almond butter was a mistake. The oatmeal had vague undertones of peanut butter and jelly which is not a favorite combo nor was it my intention. I ate it but on the whole, meh.

The next day I tried raisins and pecans. Again, not gonna want the James Beard Award with that.

Then I went to the store and got milk and cereal. Enough with the mush.

On the other hand, I leave for Berlin (again) today. I may need some rib-sticking, gut-busting, oatmeal fortification.

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