Muesli, brunch memoirs continued

This is another simple recipe that was terrifying to make. Loads of ingredients. The thing is, once I made it, (Karen’s recipe) it more like an ingredient suggestion list. Oat bran, wheat germ, wheat bran, oat germ, flax seeds, whatever. Karen neglected to tell me she leaves these things out.

Soak equal parts rolled oats and half&half overnight. And raisins in orange juice so they get very fat and soft (not unlike me). Then you mix those together and add shit. It turns out that you shouldn’t add all the germs and brans. Nuts and seeds (but not flax seeds) are fine. I mean, all that stuff is good for you, I imagine, my father ate wheat germ like there was no tomorrow, but yeesh. It made the muesli gritty and, well, let’s just say it did a number on my intestines.

I shredded 2 apples, added kiwi, sunflower seeds and walnuts as well. Then I served it with strawberries and blueberries.

I have a lot of left over germs and brans of various types if anyone needs any.

Various germs, brans, nuts and seeds.

Once cup of rolled oats and one cup of half and half.

Shredding apples.

Breakfast cleanse, if you catch my drift.

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