More Christmas cookies

For someone as ambivalent as I am about Christmas, I seem to make a lot of cookies. Actually, I seem to make a lot of food in general. But I made another batch of cookies here in Wisconsin where the weather is more, if not exactly, Christmasy. This time though I split the dough in half and added spices to it. My intention was to make something along the lines of a spice or gingerbread cookie. This did not happen. What I got was a clove tasting cookie that I did not like. So to ameliorate the problem I put chocolate on them. Another not great idea. It was a pain to do and the results were unspectacular. It’s OK, I can foist them off on people pretending to be all holiday spirit-y.

I did, though, pioneer another method of making the damn things. The rolling out and cutting is a misery. So I used a ravioli cutter and made square cookies. I don’t see any reason why this shouldn’t be a norm. It’s so much easier than circles (less waste, too) or the horror of stars which are pretty but a royal pain to make. Next year I will be more precise about measuring and cutting them into uniform squares.

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