MOP round up

The month of pain did not start off well in the pain-from-hunger sense. The first work day of January (and hence the first day of the Month of Pain) my tooth cracked. So in the shrieking-pain-from-hell sense it was a better than decent kick off. And while it was the beginning of the Month of Pain certainly I was not going to add to the abject misery of the cracked and then pulled tooth by abjuring food and beverage this was not the MOP, in the sense God intended. (I had to look up abjure to make sure this was an appropriate use of the word.)

So the beginning of the month was a little rocky. The tooth was pulled, there were several days of, you know, sorta misery but not ABJECT misery, and I ate and drank my way through that, then there were the FREAKING PACKER games and I was careful there but not pure as the new driven snow but eventually I fell into line, and now, past the end of the month, I have lost 8 pounds and my pants are not aggressively strangling me. There is still room for improvement and I have to say, not drinking is not at all a problem. So the Month of Pain continues, perhaps less painfully until I lose another five. 

This would seem easy enough but this morning I weighed 2 pounds MORE!! than I did yesterday. Shoot me in the head.

Below is a selected, shall we say curated, gallery of MOP slop.

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  1. WOW…you had a more successful MOP than I. I have a modified plan (um…loose rules and adherence) which led to trading the same 2 lbs all months. I might have to follow your MOP…next year. xx

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