Month of Pain, in more ways than one

So I am off to a great start in January. Eating mostly chicken soup and not much more. Oh sure there was the traditional Elsa’s au poivre burger (one split between us) as a last meal before the Royal send off of the Indian Mounted Police. But then immediately on to the traditional MOP.

A great start, fever, chills, cold, sinus issues, bulging disk in my lower back. I’m a mess. I’m taking Prednisone for my back so I cannot take cold/fever remedies. All I have that helps is the tea my sister made from her lemon verbena plant. And while is looks like nothing so much as a urine specimen, it is delicious and very very soothing. I also made my world renowned chicken soup. So these things along with the unwatched episodes of The Crown have made my first few days of the Month of Pain a little less painful.

And then this morning I feel better than I have in days. Which is how I happen to be able to write something….I feel like I’m getting way behind blog-wise, and also housekeeping-wise.

There is just no better burger than the Elsa’s au poivre

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