Mom’s meatloafburgers

It was just one of those days. I really couldn’t think of what else to make, I felt lazy so I was going to buy pre-made hamburgers and make them on the grill. When I got to MetroMarket I decided to grind the meat myself (the image of the filthy ground meat under the trays I once witnessed and is forever burnt into my mind) and then I thought grinding beef is a royal pain so I bought chicken breasts instead, and decided to make my my mother’s meatloaf but into patties. So I went from just doing something easy, to a grand filthy mess in the kitchen. From plain hamburgers to chicken meatloafburgers.

Though to be fair, it’s a one food-processor job. Not that much of a mess. I do, however, hate cleaning that damn processor.

First I have to freeze the cut chicken chunks so I can grind them. After that is accomplished I grind the green pepper and onion and add all of that to the processor along with the sage, horseradish and dry mustard. Then make the patties, then grill…

Yeah, it was so windy I could not start the grill. All my dinner plans were foiled in every way possible. I fried them which may work out better than grilling, or baking even (meatloaves are baked). The smaller size cooked quicker and they lost little moisture. They were good. But I hadn’t put enough of the spices in it. But ketchup works wonders.

And I had enough for several lunches.

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