Mom’s meatloaf

Meatloaf is a touchy subject and your mother’s meatloaf is either the stuff of dreams or nightmares. My own mother’s meatloaf is the best. There is none better. I have loved it all my life and when, as a child, it ended up in my lunch bag as cold meatloaf sandwiches, I was in heaven. (Cold, it must also have yellow mustard on it.) As an adult, while I rarely eat like this, occasionally I treat myself and make it. Though I make it without the bacon strips on top as she made it. Not that I don’t like that but, Jesus, it’s fattening enough without it. Horseradish, onions, green peppers and ketchup are, in and of themselves utterly delicious. My mother’s recipe adds dry mustard and sage into the mix of bread crumbs (I use soda crackers) and egg binder. I’m not sure if the egg needs to be there but I put it in. My mother nestles pepper strips in between the bacon strips that lay across the top. I prefer to put the chopped peppers right into the damn thing. Then I cover it all with ketchup.

The hard part is not eating all of it in one sitting. This time I saved half for lunch. 

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