Moderne Kunst…modern art in German

I had been rebuffed when I tried to go to the MMK (museum of Modern Kunst—art) last spring, they were closed for remodeling or some damn thing and opened only Sunday, my last day in Frankfurt. I rousted myself out of my sickbed so I could see the newly opened museum and the exhibit they chose to open with. 

I have a degree in fine art. I like the Nut’s ‘n’ Shit one. But the rest of it, not so much. It’s like you want to lean towards someone you don’t know who’s also looking at the exhibit and say behind your hand, “Doesn’t this look sort of, you know, like maybe garbage?”

As a joke I wanted to tell the guard (the guards looked soooo bored) that they should have someone clean this mess up but my German’s not really up to par and I didn’t want to risk accidentally saying something like, “Isn’t this just lovely?”

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