Modern art

Copenhagen is a lovely city. Lovely on a par with Paris. Everywhere you look it’s gorgeous. Stately and elegant. While there (I am home now) we
went to the modern art museum whose name escapes me. Not the Louisiana, though
we did go there too. This was a small museum with a very small permanent
collection available for viewing and 2 small temporary exhibits that were,
well, weird. In their
permanent collection there was this lovely piece. I think it was brass. Just
like that, sitting on a white formica shelf. It was approximately the size of,
well, a BM. A big one. But, not extraordinarily big.

I have my degree in fine art but I seem to have fallen out of touch with modern art. Often I look at things in
museums and think well, shit, I coulda done that. Of course, I realize that
often the thing that makes it art is that no one has done it before. In this
case though, pretty much everyone has done this. Usually every day. 

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