Mexico, last thing(s)

At first I thought I was just old, yes, OK, I am old. I can admit this as much as I dislike it. But the altitude of Mexico City is more than 7,000 feet. For reference, Denver is 5,000. I was having a hard time breathing and at the same time experiencing bouts of dizziness. After I figured out that it was the altitude and not a stroke it was easier to deal with the periodic reminders of my age, health failings and infirmities.

So so so much beauty. Everywhere.

Yes, Chinatown in Mexico City. It is exactly 2 blocks long.

These were all taken with a block or two of our hotel. Art deco, classical, colonial, art nouveau and modern, among other styles I am not well informed enough on which to comment.

There is also a great deal of modern architecture in Mexico City. This is MUAC, the contemporary art museum complex part of their university which is massive, like 10 times the size of UW.

Generally speaking I prefer to visit old churches since they have more, you know, hocus hocus but this modern church, part of a monastery in the Coyoacan neighborhood, was intriguing. Then we went and had beers. Seemed about right.

And that’s about all I have to say about it. “It” being Mexico. I think.

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