Mexico final notes

I don’t think I could say enough for Mexico City. It is beautiful, cultured, clean, cheap. I loved the museums, architecture, and the people were lovely. The food maybe wasn’t what I wanted or expected but also maybe I just didn’t go to the right places, so I’ll give that issue pass.

As soon I arrived I could taste the air. It was a little sandpapery to breathe. I had a low-grade sore throat the entire time I was there and which was better immediately on leaving. It’s odd to me that the Mexicans are scrupulous about how clean the city is but the air…not so much. I saw many joggers wearing face masks. I’m told the air was better than it was but while heartening it makes me wonder when it’ll be safe to go back in my lifetime. I’d love to rent an apartment for a month. There is so much more to see. But not if I’m going to be breathing sandpaper.

Clothes: No one wears shorts. No one walks around in jogging clothes (Unless they are jogging). People dress nicely. I know this will go the way of America as it has in Paris where clothing used to be important. But now pants hanging off your ass, sweat pants and running shoes are now more common than tailored suits or even business casual. Baseball caps at the table, not in Mexico City. In Mexico men wear long pants and nice shoes that are polished. There are shoe shine guys all over the place. I did not bring shineable shoes but I also never wore running shoes.

Traffic: There are no stop signs and mostly not stop lights. At intersections everyone is slightly impatient but not impolite. No one blows their horn. But traffic is a mess. It’s a mess in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles so I don’t know why that would be shocking.

Safety: I felt safer there than anywhere I’ve ever been. Although the actual sidewalks are a dangerous misery. You cannot (or at least I cannot) walk and look at directions on your iPhone. That’ll get you a broken leg or at the very least a smashed iPhone.

I will never trust a tour guide or guide service again.

They love their dogs but they also don’t seem to mind them barking.

Soumaya, a fabulous art museum. 

Soumaya, stunning

Soumaya, incredible Mexican architecture

The Anthropological Museum….stunning, extraordinarily well designed and laid out.

It was filled with well behaved, polite teenagers who listened and asked questions.

I saw 2 teenaged boys shyly hold hands. It was so sweet.

My hotel room, actually it was an entire apartment. Jacarandas were in bloom

The Angel of Independence.

Mexican food. Some better than others.

Teotihuacán. I coulda lived without it. In fact it nearly killed me.

Museum stuff

Frida Kahlo House. Major disappointment. There’s not very much to see there. It’s a total zoo. 

But I really cannot imagine what she saw in this man who cheated on her incessantly 

(who would sleep with him?!), was ugly, and yet she managed to marry twice! His talent aside.

Mexican architecture. Amazing.

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