Mexican hot dogs in Copenhagen

In Scandinavia it is completely normal and utterly common for people to leave their babies in elaborate strollers outside of venues—stores, bars, restaurants. It seems insane to us Americans, there it really is normal. This baby was in a stroller sleeping outside—and it was cold—during our entire meal.

We were in what was a sort of food court. The part we were in was supposedly Mexican. On the menu were many kinds of hot dogs. I think of hot dogs as quintessentially American, like US American not Mexican American. I’m not quibbling. It’s totally fine with me and I was intrigued, I wanted them. We shared a BBQ empanada which now that I think about it doesn’t seem very Mexican either. And then we shared “hot dogs.”

The sausage itself was being made right there, right then. It turned out to be more bratwurst than hot dog, OK, not at all hot dog. And the toppings were not even vaguely hot doggish. But they were delicious. I just wish that baby hadn’t been abandoned there. I’m sure it was fine but, you know, being US American, it seemed so wrong.

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