Metro Market: What a disappointment

I don’t know who decides to do these things. It cannot be someone who shops. Or at least not someone who shops like a sane person. This is a small store. They’ve replaced a lot of the “grocery” area with deli kinda stuff. Self-serve cheese platters—I know for a fact that this is horribly wasteful. I asked the cheese lady with whom I am on intimate terms what they do with all this stuff when it dries out…they toss it. She added under her breath, almost all of it. So they’ve reduced that amount of space they allocate to real groceries but somehow manage to have space for like 100 jars of Miracle Whip. Still there are no small jars of mayonnaise, only giant ones. This drives me nuts.

I love Miracle Whip as much, ok, more, than the next guy but I need a small jar of mayonnaise. Humor me.

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