Meringue, pointless calories

So I had all these idiotic meringue things, the by-product of a summer’s worth of key lime pies, that I made and was stuck with. As far as I was concerned they were pointless, tasteless calorie balls. Absurd, but sweet, carb-loaded, not-worth-eating space, and time, wasting sugar bombs.

So I decided to coat them with chocolate. What else are you gonna do? I had some nice chocolate that Karen, my private chocolate provider, had given me just for this purpose and I used that to dip each of them. 

Oh my God. They were excellent. I could only try one (OK, 2) because, well, month of pain, but they were a hit at pizza night. This is definitely an example of the sum being greater than the parts. Good enough that I thought I should make them again. Just to make them. But then I’d have all those egg yolks left over and have to make key lime pies. It’s a vicious circle.

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