Melon issues

I cannot shake the idea that there is some produce that is only eaten, and hence, purchased in season, and from a farmer (or farmer’s market). Corn, tomatoes and melons for sure. I don’t really know why I continue to feel like it ought to be like this. I grow my own tomatoes, in case you weren’t aware of that but melons, given the produce robbing vermin I deal with are out of the question and corn needs a ton of area I just don’t have.

I am loathe to buy corn in a store. It just isn’t gonna taste the way it should. To be honest, I am sure it would be fine but the way we were raised you just didn’t. And you didn’t need to either. There was corn, all kinds of produce, and fruit that was available from stands in the farm country where I grew up (including our own) in the summer. I was even shocked as a child to find out that people bought milk in a store. Ours got delivered magically sometime before we got up in the morning.

But a melon that you buy when it’s still warm from the field, cut up, chill and eat icy cold is just sublime. One problem is all the waste. The peels, the seeds, the mess. I feed all of that to my worms and they love it. The larger issue is the enormous amount of the stuff I have to eat. Not that I’m complaining exactly. But I wish I could parse it out a little instead of stuffing my face with it every time I get near to the refrigerator.

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  1. I remember a college boyfriend wanting to buy corn at the store and how it horrified me!! A city thing, no doubt, and just wrong. I have succumbed. Tomatoes, rarely. Store tomatoes are not tomatoes. Melon is a pain all year long.

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