Mele Kalikimaka

We had a recent food group dinner. It was the first face-to-face dinner we’ve had since, you know, the COVID. We’re all vaccinated in case you were concerned (which I totally doubt), and I hosted. I got to choose the theme and I had decided to use recipes from old Saveur magazines I have, and handed them out but then when I chose, as the host, to make Hawaiian glazed ribs based on the cover of one of them we just went with Hawaiian.

Once I’d made that declaration I actually took the time to read the recipe and it called for “your favorite BBQ sauce” and I was like . . . forget that noise. I’d never had ribs in Hawaii, possibly they don’t even eat them there because they’re to busy eating all that Spam so I came up with my own glaze. Pineapple juice, ketchup, hoisin and brown sugar.

So once you’re (and by that I mean I am) on a kick there’s no stopping me, unless I’m just lazy which is usually what rescues me from overdoing everything on any given day. I decided to make a pu pu platter which is something I had had in Hawaii. It’s just a plate of appetizers sitting on banana leaves so I went and got them to put on the serving trays. I made bacon wrapped pineapple, ham with pineapple, teriyaki marinated cucumbers, shrimp and char-siu pork. Karen brought Blue Hawaiians, a delicious, and dangerous, citrus pineapple drink. Sharon brought Hawaiian peanuts which are peanuts boiled in saltwater with star anise (OK, weird). She also brought a fabulous cabbage pineapple salad (no pic).

The whole meal was awesome but the star of the show was the chocolate coconut pie Karen brought.

I called a florist and ordered a bunch of cut Hawaiian flowers. I was like Oh, gimme 5 birds of paradise, 4 of this heart shaped things, some of this and some of that . . . la la la la. And then I went to pick them up. $120. I am such an idiot.

Oh my god, so fine

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