Me thinks I doth protest too much

To make this lovely and smple meal it is necessary to butterfly the chicken breast and then pound to make it a consistent thickness. On cooking shows they tell you to put it between plastic wrap so (I assume) the chicken doesn’t fly all over the place. When they do this they use extravagant amounts, pulling yards of the stuff up onto the countertop like they were going to make a skirt. All of this plastic just to flatten the chcken and then it’s discarded into the vast plastic wasteland. 

I use the butcher paper the chicken came in which works just fine. In this case I didn’t have butcher paper because the (organic, cage-free [which is not to say free-range unfortunately]) chicken came in plastic and styrofoam. So I used 2 cutting sheets, yes, plastic cutting sheets. Admittedly they are plastic but I have had them for eons and used them hundreds, if not thousands of times. Oh what the hell, who am I kidding. We’re going to choke to death in our plastic waste and while I try not to be a huge contributor, I am one just the same. 

This was delicious by the way. Spinach, chicken and mushrooms. And it took about 15 minutes tops (including pounding). Of course,  dietetic to boot.

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