May Day in Würzburg

One of the great things about Germany and, well, Europe in general, is their awesome transit systems. We trained it out to Würzburg an hour or so away from Frankfurt for the May Day holiday (no maypoles or flower garlands). It was the seat of the Cardinal-Prince of Bavaria so there is a spectacular residence (palace) and several cathedrals and a famous bridge to look at. There would also be lunch.

The city was terribly bombed during the war and the cardinal’s residence was destroyed (first 2 pix). I can only assume that they removed the contents in advance of the bombing since right now the contents of the place appear to be original and are in beautiful condition. The palace itself was fabulous beyond anything Jesus might have imagined for himself but the restoration was really what amazed me, it was over-the-top glorious. I was not supposed to be taking pictures but managed to snap a few anyway. 

I can’t say how much, if anything, they had to work with to recreate these ceiling frescoes (from the pictures it looks like not much) but they were magnificent. 

Afterwards we went to a little winestube for lunch. It was very modern and cool but the vineyard had been around since the 1600s. I got bratwurst and he had Franconian meatballs, whatever they are. He got the better deal. I’m not sure how or why but as far as I can see, bratwurst in Milwaukee is better. Even Johnsonville is better and I’m not a big fan. Small skinny dry on a bed of sauerkraut with a side of mustard that blew my head off. The Franconian meatballs though, were sublime. That sauce, those potatoes…sehr gut.

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