Maximum Maxies

My last day in Frankfurt (I am home now and the Frankfurt posts are not finished which is problematic for me but I will deal with it). We had lunch at a Jewish deli named Maxie Eisen (that serves pulled pork?!). And then coincidentally that evening at a place called Mon Ami Maxie, a fancy French restaurant. 

Both places were really great. Loved the Reubens we had for lunch, and the steak at dinner was perfect. The lunch was just that, lunch, casual. Dinner was sophisticated and we spoke French (Even if the host asked me damnably if I was Canadian, the ignominy of it!) But it was a perfect last meal until the waiter while giving me the check, asked me to put a tip on it. That just ruined it. They don’t even get tips!!

I didn’t put one on the bill. But Ashish gave him a tip anyway.

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