Matissed opportunities

Just the worst. Ok, not the worst just not that great but when you’re in a place with great restaurants and you hit a clinker it’s a disappointment. It was chain, Matisse. I didn’t realize that until just as I was sitting down I saw the laminated Appleby’s-style menu and I thought, “Ugh.” Despite it being a chain, it was actually cute inside and the music, like 70s and 80s American pop music was nice. It’s good to revisit the olden days sometimes. So I figured what the hell? The adorable (in style and substance) waiter made up for much of the limitations of the food. But god, the food. Ugh. The best thing on my table was that white sauce. It nearly blew the top of my head off but it was delicious and saved the pan-fried tasteless cheese pancake thing from itself. I ate half of it but it was a waste of stomach space. Then the vulcanized stuffed chicken breast. Four cheeses and mushrooms. Jesus. NO! I forced myself to eat some of it so the sweet waiter wasn’t embarrassed. It’s pathetic when the reason you’re eating is so as not to embarrass the waiter.

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