Is a Korean restaurant we recently visited in our quest for dumplings.

The dining experience was not exactly great. The staff seemed like a bunch of people who wandered off the street and didn’t quite know each other or what was going on. The waitress, who was very sweet and cute, had never opened a bottle of wine before. She asked us 3 different times if we really wanted the whole bottle. As if.

But the dumplings were very good. Maybe not Peking Ente good but gut genug, as we say in Germany. The rest of the meal was fine. Well, except for the fish cake and seaweed.

I made the very serious mistake of tasting the seaweed that garnished his bibimbap (or whatever it was). Expecting it to taste like fried kale, it tasted exactly like I imagine Satan would.

I nearly passed out. I spit it out onto my plate in as polite a manner as I could muster considering I was gagging and making small yelps of displeasure (but in a very manly way). Good Lord.

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  1. We have talked about going there but I can’t find anything written about the restaurant anywhere — that’s a bad sign. And now you have confirmed it. I’m very interested in your dumpling research. I love MomoMe’s dumplings — they have quite a variety including soup dumplings. Curry and Momo on Port Washington has good momos too.

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