Making caramel (muffled scream)

For our first French class I made dinner chez moi. More on that later. For dessert I made molten chocolate cakes served with caramel and ice cream.

Making these cakes is quite easy and easy to do ahead of time. They have to be cold when you put them in the oven anyway so that the center stays liquidy.

And I could have used purchased caramel. But that didn’t seem right when I am making everything else. And I was told “it’s really easy!!” My ass it’s easy. The first thing the melted sugar did was seize up into a solid sugar crystal. I added another few tablespoons of water and stirred it with a spoon (You’re supposed to “swirl” it) until I got it to be liquid again. A pot of dangerously scalding sweet liquid that for all I knew was going to explode in my face at any moment.

Eventually it turned brown, and when I say eventually I mean I could have raised a child to middle school in this amount of time, and I was able to put in the butter and cream. It was good that I hand-made it. It was much better than out of a jar. Though it took years off my life.

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