Make your pie crust

My god that crust. It is so easy and lustrous that I want to make more. I hate making crusts. But it’s pie making season. So here goes just in time for that mince meat pie you were planning. And don’t buy those horrid Pillsbury ones.

Recipe follows


Perfect pie crust 

2.5 cups of flour 

dumped in a food processor with

1.5 tsp table salt, process a second or two

12 TB cold butter cut into cubes

1/2 cup of sour cream 

whisked together with

1 egg

Process the butter with the flour until it resembles course meal, or some damn thing.

add the sour cream mixture and process until it’s mixed then dump it out. It

doesn’t look promising. But it all comes together. Cut the dough ball in half,

flatten slightly and chill, covered, for an hour or so. 

Roll out* each half and chill again, 10 minutes will do. 

(Fold into quarters and cover for the chilling part.)

*Roll softly and slowly so you don’t crack the dough 

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