Main course tomato tart

Usually I make a tomato tart as an appetizer or side. But for this particular meal I souped it up enough to become the main event. I didn’t really add much more sustenance, just prettied it up and doubled down on flavor. Of course, I used my sour cream crust but I toned down the mustard with mayonnaise which ends up being creamier and I added caramelized onions to that base. I cut the tomatoes (mostly yellow) very thickly and dehydrated them in my oven for a few hours. And I added extra Gruyere.

I love these big greek olives so much so that I make special trips out to the “European” grocery store (check them out) for them. The store also has awesome greek feta, not that I used it here. I threw on little bits of artichoke hearts for design, not really adding much in the flavor department. I decorated with capers, and roasted red and yellow peppers which added a decent punch.

Even after the dehydration the tomatoes gave off loads of liquid that I self-consciously blotted before my guests caught a glimpse of it. It was beautiful and delicious.

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  1. looks so delicious and mouthwatering .
    can’t wait till I try to duplicate such a tart .
    the sweet pepper addition sounds perfect along with the olives .


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